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Article ID: 834 | Category: General Questions | Type: Hot Fix | Last Modified: 9/20/2012

The "Cannot access document" error message occurs when working with ABBYY Screenshot Reader


One of the following error messages is displayed while the program is running:

  1. Operation failed. Some errors occurred:

    Cannot access document %tmp%\<temporary_file_name> Access denied or document corrupted. Please close the document.

  2. %tmp%\<temporary_file_name> was not found.

The program's temporary files have been deleted or corrupted.


To stop the program from accessing corrupted or  inexistent temporary files, you need to restart it.

To exit the program:

  1. Click the Show hidden icons button on the task bar (you will find this button next to the system clock).
  2. Right-click the ABBYY Screenshot Reader icon in the shape of a red square with the white arrow.
  3. Select Exit.

Start the program. The program will create new temporary files and will no longer display the error messages.

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