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Video lessons in ABBYY Lingvo Tutor won't start

Nothing happens when I click a video lesson in ABBYY Lingvo Tutor.


Nothing happens when the user tries to open a video lesson in ABBYY Lingvo Tutor.


This may happen if there is no default video player for *.wmv in your system, or if the default video player does not support *.wmv files, or if the video player is malfunctioning for some reason. Try making Windows Media Player the default video player:

1) Open the command line interface by selecting Start>Run. If you do not see the Run item in the Start menu, simultaneously press the keyboard button with the Windows logo and the R button.

2) If your computer runs Windows Vista or Windows 7, copy the following command into the command line:

C:\ProgramData\ABBYY\Lingvo\15.0\Dic\TutorSound\EnglishClubTV\Flash Facts

If your computer runs Windows XP, copy the following command into the command line:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ABBYY\Lingvo\15.0\Dic\TutorSound\EnglishClubTV\Flash Facts

Click OK.

3) In the folder that opens, find the file named “01 - Калейдоскоп фактов.wmv.”

4) Right-click this file and select Properties from the shortcut menu. On the General tab you will see the currently selected default video player. If no video player is selected or a video player other than Windows Media Player is selected, click the Change button and select Windows Media Player from the list of available players. Click Apply and then click OK.

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