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Getting ABBYY Lingvo x3/x5/x6 to work after the Licensing Server has been renamed


This article contains instructions on how to restore the functionality of ABBYY Lingvo x3/x5/x6 on workstations in a network after the Licensing Server has been renamed.


If you've deployed ABBYY Lingvo in a network and the the name of the License Server was later changed, causing copies of ABBYY Lingvo installed on workstations to lose their activation, follow the instructions below.

1. Add the licenses in the ABBYY Lingvo x3/x5/x6 License manager and activate them. If you used Per-Seat licenses, recover their status using the Recover Status button.
2. In the administrative installation package, create a file with the name 'Licensing.ini' in the ABBYY Lingvo x6 or ABBYY Lingvo x5 or ABBYY Lingvo x3 folder.
3. Create a parameter with the name 'NetworkServerName' in the [Licensing] section of the *.ini file. This parameter can be used to specify the name of the server. Example:
4. On workstations with Concurrent licenses, repair or re-install ABBYY Lingvo from the administrative installation folder.

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