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Moving the License Server for ABBYY Lingvo x3/x5/x6


This article contains instructions on moving the License Server for ABBYY Lingvo x3/x5/x6 to a different computer.

  1. Create a new administrative installation on a new server as described in the System Administrator's Guide.
  2. Start the License Manager, add the licenses and activate them.
  3. If the License Manager is installed on other computers, create the file LicenseManager.ini in the License Manager's installation folder (%Program Files%\ABBYY Lingvo x3 License Server or %Program Files%\ABBYY Lingvo x5 License Server or %Program Files%\ABBYY Lingvo x6 License Server) on those computers.
    In the INI file, create a [Licensing] section and add the "NetworkServerName=<COMPUTER NAME>" property to this section, where <COMPUTER NAME> is the name of the server. The License Manager will connect to this server.

    The contents of the LicenseManager.ini file should look like this:
  4. Restart the ABBYY Lingvo licensing service on the computer on which you created the LicenseManager.ini file (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > ABBYY Lingvo x3\x5\x6 Licensing Service).
  5. Create a Licensing.ini file in the ABBYY Lingvo x3\x5\x6 folder in the installation folder of the administrative installation (the Lingvo.exe file should be in the same folder). In this file, create a [Licensing] section and then create a NetworkServerName=<COMPUTER NAME> property in this section. The contents of the Licensing.ini should look like this:

    NetworkServerName=<COMPUTER NAME>
  6. For concurrent licenses:
    1. Uninstall ABBYY Lingvo on one of the workstations and install it again.
    2. A <COMPUTER NAME>.ABBYY.LicServer file, where <COMPUTER NAME> is the value of the NetworkServerName parameter, will be created during the installation. Copy this file to the other workstations.
      This file is located in the following folder:
      • %programdata%\ABBYY\Lingvo\<version number>\Licenses in Windows Vista and later Windows operating systems.
      • %allusersprofile%\Application Data\ABBYY\Lingvo\<version number>\Licenses in Windows XP and earlier Windows operating systems.
  7. For per seat licenses:

    If per seat licensing is used, the workstations function independently from the License Server, so re-installing ABBYY Lingvo on these workstations is not necessary.

    The License Manager will display the Free status for all of the licenses though. To get their actual status, select each license in the License Manager and click the Recover button. All licenses that have been used before will get the Free* or Free* (previously activated on WorkstationName) status.
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