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Article ID: 350 | Category: Installation | Type: Hot Fix | Last Modified: 9/3/2012

The "MSXML6 component missing" error appears at the launch

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When ABBYY Lingvo is launched, the following error message appears:

"MSXML6 component not found. Please reinstall ABBYY Lingvo."


You will need to install MSXML 6. Use the link above to download an archive containing the MSXML 6 installer.

1) Unpack the archive by right-clicking msxml6.rar and selecting Extract files from the shortcut menu.
2) Make sure ABBYY Lingvo x5 isn't running. Right-click the application's icon in the system tray and select Exit from the shortcut menu.
3) Double-click the msxml6.msi file to install MSXML 6.
4) Once the installation is complete, try running ABBYY Lingvo x5 again.

If the problem persists, try the following:

1) Open the Run dialog by clicking on the Run item in the Start menu. If there is no Run item in the Start menu, open the Run dialog by holding the windows key and pressing the R key.
2) Copy the following command to the Run dialog:
regsvr32.exe c:\Windows\System32\msxml6.dll (if you have a 32-bit system)


regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msxml6.dll (if you have a 64-bit system)
3) Click the OK button. After this command is executed, you should get a message saying "DllRegisterServer in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msxml6.dll succeeded" or "DllRegisterServer in C:\Windows\System32\msxml6.dll succeeded".
4) Launch ABBYY Lingvo x5.

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