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Some limitations of the training feature


You can use training to improve the quality of field capture for invoices. Training works well for simple fields, such as invoice number or invoice date. If your invoices have a complicated structure, please be aware of the following limitations of the training feature.

Fields with multiple regions
You can train only the first part of such fields, but not their continued regions. If you need to capture this kind of fields, you can split them into several independent fields and train each region separately.

Repeating fields and repeating groups
Training is currently not supported for repeating fields and groups. For instance, you will not be able to use training to improve the capture of a tax group with a variable number of taxes (Additional Tax Groups) or order numbers (Purchase Orders).

Line Items
You can use training to improve the detection of table columns (Line Items).
Training only works for columns, so you won't be able to improve the automatic detection of rows.
If your invoice contains some other tables which are not line items you cannot use training for such tables.

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