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Log in and log out event logging


Log-in and log-out events on stations are logged in the event log. Is there a way to distinguish between event log entries from different stations and when exactly are the entries added to the log?


When a user logs logs in to any station except for the Administration and Monitoring Console, an event with EventType=0 (indicating that a session has been created) is logged in the event log, and an event with EventType=1 (indicating that a session has ended) is logged when the user logs off from the station. Each of these entries will contain the user's unique identifier in the UserId column, the name or network address of the computer in the Workstation column, and the identifier of the user's role in the RoleId column, making it possible to determine the type of station the user logged in to.

The EventType of log-in and log-off events from the Administration and Monitoring Console is 12. This EventType indicates a broad category that can be assigned to other events, but you will still be able to distinguish log-in and log-off events from the Administration and Monitoring Console because they will have one of the two following comments:

Event log entries for log-in and logoff events from the Administration and Monitoring Console will contain the user's identifier in the UserId. The name or network address of the computer is not logged.



The table below specifies when log-in and log-off events from each station will be logged in the event log.


Log-in event

Log-out event

Project Setup Stations,
Verification Stations and
Data Verification Stations

When the user opens a project.

When the user closes a project or station.

Scanning Station

When the station is started, a "session created" event and a "session closed" event are added to the event log.

When the station is closed.

Administration and Monitoring Console

When the console is started. If the timeout period elapses,
a new log-in event will be created when the user becomes
active again.

When a timeout period elapses after the user's last action, regardless of whether the console is running.

Note: The default timeout period is 20 minutes. You can change this setting in the properties dialog box of the FlexiCapture 11 IIS application pool (open the IIS Manager and click <server_name> => Application Pools => FlexiCapture 11 Monitoring). If you set the timeout period to less than 20 minutes, the event log entry will appear up 0-2 minutes later than the specified timeout period.


When the station is started. When the user accepts a new batch, a log-out event and a log-in event are logged in the event log.

When the station is closed.

 If a process related to a station is terminated unexpectedly (such as when the connection to the server is lost or a power outage occurs), a log-out event will not be recorded in the event log. In such cases you will have to close the session manually or set up automatic closing of inactive sessions on the server (see How to delete inactive user sessions automatically for details).

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