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I got Error 1935 during ABBYY Recognition Server installation. What should I do?


The following message appears during ABBYY Recognition Server installation:

Error 1935.  An error occurred during the installation of assembly component

{303994BA-6487-47AE-AF1D-7AF6088EEBDB}. HRESULT : 0x8007054F

What is the reason of the issue and how can I avoid it?


The Windows component MSXML4.0 SP2 is installed together with ABBYY Recognition Server. This component is supported by the following operation systems:

If your operation system does not support MSXML4.0 SP2, then the mentioned error message can appear during ABBYY Recognition Server installation. Also such message can appear if there are some issues during MSXML4.0 SP2 installations.


1. To avoid such situation you need to run ABBYY Recognition Server installation without MSXML4.0 SP2. To achieve it follow next steps:

            a. Open Windows command line;

            b. Change to the directory of installation folder;

            c. Run ABBYY Recognition Server installation with the following parameters:

                        setup.exe /v MSXML40_USER_CMD=No

2. If the recommendations don’t help,   try to install ABBYY Recognition Server with UAC turned off and the permissions to С:/windows/winsxs folder given to administrator. Please note, that ABBYY Recognition Server must be installed under system administrator account.

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