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FlexiCapture fails to match a flexilayout template


A FlexiCapture fails to apply match a flexilayout that works fine in FlexiLayout Studio.


One of the reasons which can cause the issue is different preprocessing in FlexiCapture and FlexiLayout Studio. FlexiLayout Studio converts images to black and white by default, while FlexiCapture does not do this unless the corresponding option is selected.

To make sure that this is indeed the cause of the problem, complete the following steps:

  1. Enable the Convert color and gray images to black and white in your FlexiCapture project.
    • If images are added to a default-type batch in the project by a scanning station or are added to the project by simply dragging and dropping, click Project → Project Properties... → Image preprocessing.
    •  If images are added to a batch of a type other than the default type by a scanning station, click Project → Batch Types... then select the project and click Edit... → Image preprocessing
    • If an Image Import Profile is used to add images to the project, click Project → Batch Types... then select the Image Import Profile and click Edit... → Image Preprocessing.
  2. Try adding images again.

If the flexible description now applies correctly, we recommend one of the following solutions:

This problem can also occur when settings other than the optimal ones are used. If you use the optimal scanning settings, all flexible descriptions should be applied correctly, regardless of color settings.

If you have tried the solutions above and the problem persists, please contact the Technical Support Service branch in your region.

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