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Article ID: 1453 | Category: Administration | Type: Hot Fix | Last Modified: 8/19/2013

Error connecting to Server message on the Verification Station when taking a task


When taking a task  from the queue on the Verification Station you may encounter an error message: «Error connecting to http://<server_name>». This error message may also take place in the Batch view if you try opening a batch.

How to resolve the issue? 


In versions below ABBYY FlexiCapture you may encounter the described behavior in case of big amount of batches in the system (several thousands batches and more).

This behavior may also take place if batches have big number of registration parameters. According to our experience this issue appeared when the number of records in BatchParameter table of FlexiCapture database reached several millions, for example 20 millions. This table stores registration parameters of all batches in the system.

Important! It is important to remember that the factors described above are not the only factors and often not the main cause of the issue.


If you encountered this error message, we recommend updating your current version up to ABBYY FlexiCapture Please, contact Technical Support Service of your region to get this version and clarify the reasons of the error message: «Error connecting to http://<server_name>».

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