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Movement of files during processing in ABBYY FlexiCapture


How are files moved in ABBYY FlexiCapture during processing?


Images are acquired using the WebAPI or a Scanning Station and stored in the File Storage Folder created by the administrator during the Processing Server's setup. ABBYY FlexiCapture uses its own internal format to store these image files.

After image files have been acquired, the system begins processing the batch.

A Processing Station is then allocated the task of processing these images and automatically downloads them from the File Storage Folder, preprocesses and and recognizes them, and generates document bodies. When processing completes, the Station stores the results (document files that contain layouts and data as visible in the Data Form window, and processed images) in the File Storage Folder.

Any images imported from Hot Folders are preprocessed as part of the importing process, so their original versions are not saved in the File Storage Folder. Only their preprocessed versions end up in the File Storage Folder. 

Verification Stations only download document files that contain data as visible in the Data Form window, preview images or highly compressed page images. Downloading high-resolution images is usually avoided to minimize network traffic. However, if any additional OCR is to be performed during the verification stage, images with higher resolutions will be downloaded. If any changes are made to page images during the verification stage, the altered images will also be saved to the File Storage Folder.

When exporting a processed batch, Processing Stations download files with extracted data and if necessary image files from the File Storage Folder.

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