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Removing blank pages on a Scanning Station


Batches from a duplex scanner often contain many blank pages. Is there a way to remove these pages during the import stage?


Removing blank pages is possible by running a script on a Scanning Station (you can reed more about using scripts on Scanning Stations in this article).

To remove blank pages from batches automatically, you can create an On page added script for the corresponding batch type that checks if a page is empty and removes it if it is.

Example of a script for removing pages in JScript:

// The script is called after a page is added,
// so ScriptItems returns a page that has just been added.
var page = ScriptItems.Item(0);

// Define a blank page as a page that is
// less than 2% black and has no more than 4 black squares (anchors)

var options = NewEmptyPageDetectionOptions();
options.MaxBarcodesCount = 0;
options.MaxBlackSquaresCount = 4;
options.MaxTextObjectsCount = 0;
options.MaxBlacknessPercentage = 2;

// Now check if the recently added page is an empty page. If it is, remove it.
if( DetectPageEmpty(page, options))
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