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Article ID: 1404 | Category: General Questions | Type: Hot Fix | Last Modified: 11/30/2017

An error message "Exception while initializing engine" is displayed when I start the program


When the user starts the program, the following error message is displayed: "Exception while initializing engine".


This message may appear if SD-card is turned off. This situation usually happens if SD-card is missing or the device is connected to the PC as file storage.

If SD card isn’t turned off, but the error message still appears, restart your mobile device.

If the situatuation repeats, then we recommend to reinstall the program:

1) Uninstall the program:
- delete ABBYY folder (sdcard/ABBYY);
- go to Settings - Applications - Manage applications - ABBYY Lingvo - Clear data;

2) Download the application again:
- Open Android Market (Google Play).
- Find ABBYY Lingvo application in Android Market and open it. Press Install button in the dialogue which opens.

3) After the program is installed restore the purchased dictionaries in the program:
- Press the DOWNLOAD button in the DICTIONARIES dialogue.
- Select translation direction.
- Select RESTORE PURCHASES in the menu.
- If the dictionary has not been downloaded, select it and press DOWNLOAD in the "Downloads" dialogue.

If the situation doesn’t change, then move the program to the internal memory: go to Settings->Applications->Manage applications->ABBYY Lingvo->Move to phone.

If the error message still appears, then we recommend  to insert other memory card and to reinstall the program.

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