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Article ID: 1359 | Category: Installation | Type: Hot Fix | Last Modified: 4/25/2013

Installing the program on Windows 8


When installing ABBYY Lingvo x5 on a Windows 8 computer, the error message appears that you need an update to install the program on your operating system.


To install ABBYY Lingvo x5 on a computer running Windows 8, do the following:

1) Download the update file named ABBYY_Lingvo_x5_Shell_Only.exe by clicking this link. This update is an empty ABBYY Lingvo x5 program shell, i.e. the program that contains no dictionaries.
2) Install the program shell by double-clicking the downloaded ABBYY_Lingvo_x5_Shell_Only.exe file.
3) To install the dictionaries, start Setup.exe from the ABBYY Lingvo x5 disk or from the setup package that you downloaded over the Internet.

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