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Batch Integrity Check Script

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How can the Batch integrity check script be used in FlexiCapture projects? How to setup such script?


When you process documents in batches, you may often need to check the package contents and field values for the whole batch.
There are a lot of such scenarios and usually they have their own specifics.
That’s why we have added the possibility of describing such checks using the batch integrity script.

The batch integrity check script is one of the event handlers scripts (for more information about event handler see this article), so to set it up, open the Batch Type Properties dialog box and click the Event Handlers tab. For the Unknown batch type, event handlers can be set up on the Event Handlers tab of the Project Properties dialog box. To add a Batch integrity check script, select the event in the list and click Edit Script… button. You should take into account that some methods of ControllerInterop and internal fields of batch documents and pages are unavailable from this script. For a detailed information, please refer to Help >> Appendix >> Using scripts in ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 >> Scripts for customizing processing >> Types of scripts >> Event handlers >> Batch integrity check.

The batch integrity check script is launched prior to export (if the corresponding option is selected in workflow settings) or by an explicit user command. Batches for which the batch integrity check script has returned an error are routed to the Batch Integrity Check stage (in case of it was added to the workflow for the batch type). To add the Batch Integrity Check stage to the workflow, open the Batch Type Properties dialog box and click the Workflow tab (for the Default batch type, open the Project Properties dialog box). Then select the appropriate option (for the Simple workflow):

For the Advanced workflow (for more information about advanced workflow see the article), add the appropriate stage:

If the Batch Integrity Check stage wasn’t added to the workflow, the batches with batch integrity errors will be routed to the Exceptions.

The work on the Batch Integrity Check stage is carried out on the base of the Verification station (the separate queue). The Batch Integrity Check queue is also available on the Web Verification station. The necessary access rights have Verification and Senior verification operators.

Samples of the batch integrity check scripts (in the BatchIntegrity.rar archive you can find the two last of them):

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