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Using Custom Export in FlexiCapture projects

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In which cases a Custom Export is required? How to setup a Custom Export for documents?


Custom Export is required when an export task cannot be resolved with the standard means.
We can export directly into files, SharePoint, and databases which support ODBC. If you need direct export into a system which does not support ODBC, for example Document Management Systems or electronic archive systems, then custom export will be required.
Also custom export is required in the case of non-standard export scenarios, dictated by the customer‘s business processes or document structure.

In order to use custom export, choose “Custom export (Script)” type in the Export Settings dialog box.
Then choose the script language and write the script code which will carry out the export process.

In the CustomExport.rar archive you will find 3 projects:

        - <document id="1">
            - <fields>
                - <Addressing>
                - <Name>

In sample projects external assemblies were used. For more information about adding assemblies to the project see this article.

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