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Can I use a USB dongle if I run ABBYY Recognition Server on a virtual machine?

Yes, if your virtual machine supports USB dongles.


Using a USB dongle when running ABBYY Recognition Server on a virtual machine

If you run ABBYY Recognition Server on a virtual machine, you can use a USB license dongle if your virtual machine supports USB dongles.


Setting up your virtual machine for an ABBYY Recognition Server USB dongle

ABBYY Recognition Server USB dongles can be used on the following virtual machines:

If you plug your USB dongle into a workstation running VMWare with ABBYY Recognition Server installed, the dongle will be detected automatically. In this case you will be able to use the virtual machine both via Remote Desktop and via the VMWare console. The USB dongle may not function correctly if you plug it into a USB hub or another similar device.

To be able to use your USB license dongle on a VMware machine, do the following:

  1. Install the USB dongle driver on the virtual machine running the Server Manager. For instructions on installing the driver, please refer to the ABBYY Recognition Server Administrator's Guide.
  2. Activate the USB port of the virtual machine where you intend to plug in the license dongle.
  3. Plug the USB dongle into the workstation running the virtual machine with ABBYY Recognition Server.

According to Microsoft, Hyper-V does not support USB devices (see Please contact Microsoft if you intend to use your USB license dongle with Hyper-V.

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