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"No dictionaries available" message appears at the startup of ABBYY Lingvo on the Symbian smartphone


Why does the message "No dictionaries available" appear when I start the program on my Symbian smartphone?


For the program to recognize your dictionaries you need to put them into the "Dic" subfolder of the "ABBYY Lingvo" folder on the storage card.

The easiest way to install dictionaries is as follows:
1. On your PC, create an "ABBYY Lingvo" folder. Create the subfolder "Dic" in this folder.
2. Copy the *.lsd files of the desired dictionaries to this folder. For example, for the universal dictionaries use LingvoUniversalEnRu.lsd (English-Russian) and UniversalRuEn.lsd (Russian-English). Dictionary files are on the installation disk in  \ABBYY Lingvo 12\Dic folder and in the "Dic" subfolder of the ABBYY Lingvo installation folder on the PC.
3. Copy the "ABBYY Lingvo" folder to the storage card.
4. Dictionaries should be added automatically when the program is started.

If you smartphone doesn’t have a storage card slot, copy the "ABBYY Lingvo" folder to the internal memory of the device. To do it:
1. Connect your smartphone to your PC and select the "Data transfer" mode on the smartphone.
Then, when you open "My computer" on the PC, you will notice your smartphone is displayed as a removable storage device. You will be able to create new folders in the internal memory of your smartphone.
2. Copy the "ABBYY Lingvo" folder to the inner memory of the smartphone.

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