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How to recognize Gothic text?


How to recognize all the text on the picture, including small text areas of low quality and text in diagrams and pictures?

Tips for Taking Photos

How to take a photo of the document to get the best recognition quality?

Barcode Orientation

How to set barcode orientation before recognition?


Is it possible to use the regular expressions?

Barcode Text

How to get a text of the recognized barcode?

Regular Expressions

How to use regular expressions?

Page recognition independence

Can recognition results from page influence the results from other pages?

How to improve the recognition quality

It seems that recognition quality is not enough or there is a lot of garbage in output results.

PDF text layer

I want my export results to contain a PDF text layer, so I set the SourceContentReuseMode property of ObjectsExtractionParams object to CRM_ContentOnly. Why do I get characters that were not present in the text layer of the source PDF document?

found 33 documents

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