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"CPU Cores" vs "CPU cores per station, minimum"

What is the difference between parameters “CPU cores” and “CPU cores per station, minimum” in the license properties?

How can I explicitly specify the Document Definition to be used?

There are cases when the user knows in advance which Document Definition to use for a particular document. In these cases, the user can reduce processing times by manually selecting the right Document Definition instead of having the program go through all the available Document Definitions one b...

Big batch: increasing processing speed

Can I increase processing speed for a big batch?

Service Scalability

The very concept of ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service implies that there are many applications using it simultaneously, uploading new tasks and receiving the processing results in the same time. And each application’s tasks have to be completed within an acceptable period of time. How is the processing power managed to ensure good processing ...

found 4 documents

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