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"Engine deinitialization failed"

Why does the error message "Engine deinitialization failed" occur?

XML schema

How to set up XML scheme?

Standard Return Codes

It is a list of the standard return codes of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions and properties.

Error Handling

All ABBYY FineReader Engine interface methods and properties return a value of the HRESULT type. The HRESULT (for result handle) is a way of returning success, warning, and error values. HRESULTs are really not handles to anything; they are only 32-bit values with several fields e...

Working with simple properties

How to work with simple properties (Boolean, Long, Double)?

Extracting Pictures

How can I save every picture from a document as a separate file?

Curly quotes

All the curly quote’s are recognized as a normal straight quote. How can I extract them?

Working with string properties

This article provides several code snippets for working with string properties.

found 8 documents

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