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Using Attachments in FlexiCapture

What is called "Attachment" in the context of FlexiCapture? How can attachments be used? How to add an attachment to a batch/document/page?

Speeding Up the Selection of Document Definitions

In many projects that involve processing invoices the majority of the invoices come from several sources, while the remaining invoices come from many various sources. In other words, a few sources issue invoices frequently, while invoices from a large number of other sources arrive rarely. The best solution in this type of situation is to crea...

Scripts for processing interface events

For what interface events can I use scripts? What is the difference between scripts handling interface events and event handlers that are used for customizing processing? When may shell event handlers be useful?

Debugging external .NET assemblies

How do I debug an external .NET assembly?

Assembling documents with mutually exclusive obligatory sections

Setting up assembly for a document that is structured as follows: Section 1 (fixed) – 1 to 2 pages Section 2 (fixed) – 0 to 2 pages Section 3 (fixed) – 0 to 3 pages (the order of sections is fixed) At the same time: section 2 or section 3 must always be present; sections 2 and 3 are mutually exclusive, i.e. a document ...

Creating a classification-only project in FlexiCapture

How to create a classification-only project in FlexiCapture

found 6 documents

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