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How can I use barcodes other than the first one for document separation?

The Start a new document from page with barcode option allows separating documents only by the first barcode, but I need to use the second, third, etc. barcodes for document separation or by a barcode that matches a specific template.

How to export into a subfolder structure different from the import subfolder structure?

ABBYY Recognition Server is able to import from subfolders (see option "Use files in subfolders" at the Input tab). If this option is enabled Recognition Server restores the subfolder structure at the export stage. If this behavior does not fit your goals you can use the solution described below.

How to separate pages flow by several bar-code masks?

ABBYY FlexiCapture and Recognition Server allows to separate pages flow into documents or batches by a bar-code mask at the Scanning Station. How to use two or three masks at the same time? 

How can I set the percentage of black for an empty page?

How can I set the percentage of black for a page to be treated as empty and deleted?

found 4 documents

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