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Assembling documents with mutually exclusive obligatory sections

Setting up assembly for a document that is structured as follows: Section 1 (fixed) – 1 to 2 pages Section 2 (fixed) – 0 to 2 pages Section 3 (fixed) – 0 to 3 pages (the order of sections is fixed) At the same time: section 2 or section 3 must always be present; sections 2 and 3 are mutually exclusive, i.e. a document ...

Document assembly script

What is the purpose of document assembly scripts in ABBYY FlexiCapture?

Migrating from FormReader 6.5 rules and export to FlexiCapture scripts

If-Then rules Automation rules Migrating from FormReader Automation export to FlexiCapture script export If-Then rules Changes in functions and methods: 1. Error(field, message) Instead of this function, use the combination of the following properties of the unit to be checked: CheckSucceeded, ErrorMessage, and FocusedField. For example, this FormR...

found 3 documents

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