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How to split the flow of pages into batches by a barcode?

A constant stream of pages from a scanner needs to be split into batches using barcodes by creating a new batch every time a page with a barcode is added.

How can I explicitly specify the Document Definition to be used?

There are cases when the user knows in advance which Document Definition to use for a particular document. In these cases, the user can reduce processing times by manually selecting the right Document Definition instead of having the program go through all the available Document Definitions one b...

Assembling documents with mutually exclusive obligatory sections

Setting up assembly for a document that is structured as follows: Section 1 (fixed) – 1 to 2 pages Section 2 (fixed) – 0 to 2 pages Section 3 (fixed) – 0 to 3 pages (the order of sections is fixed) At the same time: section 2 or section 3 must always be present; sections 2 and 3 are mutually exclusive, i.e. a document ...

How to separate pages flow by several bar-code masks?

ABBYY FlexiCapture and Recognition Server allows to separate pages flow into documents or batches by a bar-code mask at the Scanning Station. How to use two or three masks at the same time? 

Document assembly script

What is the purpose of document assembly scripts in ABBYY FlexiCapture?

How to prohibit Verification Operators closing a task with rule errors or unverified symbols?

By default Verification Operators have a right to close a task with errors and unverified symbols. How can we prevent Verification Operators from closing such tasks?

Migrating from FormReader 6.5 rules and export to FlexiCapture scripts

If-Then rules Automation rules Migrating from FormReader Automation export to FlexiCapture script export If-Then rules Changes in functions and methods: 1. Error(field, message) Instead of this function, use the combination of the following properties of the unit to be checked: CheckSucceeded, ErrorMessage, and FocusedField. For example, this FormR...

found 7 documents

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