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Using Custom Export in FlexiCapture projects

In which cases a Custom Export is required? How to setup a Custom Export for documents?

.NET support

Does FlexiCapture support .Net languages?  Can I use methods from my .Net assemblies in FlexiCapture scripts?

Exporting fields with multiple lines of text to an Oracle database

An Oracle database requires fields with multiple lines of text, but these fields only contain one line after being exported from ABBYY FlexiCapture 10.

Using Attachments in FlexiCapture

What is called "Attachment" in the context of FlexiCapture? How can attachments be used? How to add an attachment to a batch/document/page?

Event Handler Script

How can I use event handlers scripts in my FlexiCapture project? What is the difference between event handlers and other script types? How to create event handlers scripts?

Using a Custom Action feature in FlexiCapture projects

When do you need a Custom Action feature? How to set it up?

How to debug scripts in FlexiCapture 10?

ABBYY FlexiCapture provides a wide range of workflow customization options. This entails using scripts, finding out if the scripts are working properly, and, most importantly, finding errors when they are not.

Debugging external .NET assemblies

How do I debug an external .NET assembly?

How to skip checkmarks and verify only empty checkmark frames

Our customers have noted that ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 recognizes marked checkmarks correctly and only empty checkmark frames need verification. Is there a way to skip checkmarks and only verify empty checkmark frames?

Assembling documents with mutually exclusive obligatory sections

Setting up assembly for a document that is structured as follows: Section 1 (fixed) – 1 to 2 pages Section 2 (fixed) – 0 to 2 pages Section 3 (fixed) – 0 to 3 pages (the order of sections is fixed) At the same time: section 2 or section 3 must always be present; sections 2 and 3 are mutually exclusive, i.e. a document ...

found 12 documents

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