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Using Custom Export in FlexiCapture projects

In which cases a Custom Export is required? How to setup a Custom Export for documents?

Using a Custom Action feature in FlexiCapture projects

When do you need a Custom Action feature? How to set it up?

Batch Integrity Check Script

How can the Batch integrity check script be used in FlexiCapture projects? How to setup such script?

How to debug scripts in FlexiCapture 10?

ABBYY FlexiCapture provides a wide range of workflow customization options. This entails using scripts, finding out if the scripts are working properly, and, most importantly, finding errors when they are not.

Migrating from FormReader 6.5 rules and export to FlexiCapture scripts

If-Then rules Automation rules Migrating from FormReader Automation export to FlexiCapture script export If-Then rules Changes in functions and methods: 1. Error(field, message) Instead of this function, use the combination of the following properties of the unit to be checked: CheckSucceeded, ErrorMessage, and FocusedField. For example, this FormR...

found 5 documents

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