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Runtime License Automatic Activation

How an end-user can activate the Runtime license automatically?

FREngine.h, FREngine_i.c, FREngine.tlb distribution

Should the files FREngine.h, FREngine_i.c, FREngine.tlb be distributed?

Using Trial Developer License

The application was created using Trial Developer license. Can it be distributed?

Runtime License for Distribution

What Runtime licenses should be used for the distribution?

Uninstalling the Runtime

How do I uninstall the runtime installation?

License Priority

I have several runtime licenses on one machine. All of them have the same ProjectID. Which license will be used in my application?

Log in and log out event logging

Log-in and log-out events on stations are logged in the event log. Is there a way to distinguish between event log entries from different stations and when exactly are the entries added to the log?

What is Application ID?

What is it? Which string should I pass as an applicationID? 

found 8 documents

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