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How to cancel the subscription to Premium Account?

Error at the attempt to restore the dictionaries

When I attempt to restore my dictionaries, the following message is displayed: This is not Test User account.Please create a new account in the Sandbox environment.[Environment: Sandbox]

On how many devices can I install the application?

On how many devices can I install ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries for iOS?

Photo Translation Feature on iPad Devices

Can I use the photo translation feature on my iPad?

I cannot hear audio pronunciations

Nothing happens when I click the loudspeaker icon in a dictionary entry. How can I play back the sound?

"No dictionaries available" message appears at the startup of ABBYY Lingvo on the Symbian smartphone

Why does the message "No dictionaries available" appear when I start the program on my Symbian smartphone?

Google play purchase not found

"The item you were attempting to purchase could not be found" error message appears when an attempt is made to purchase the application.

How to use ABBYY FineScanner for iOS

How can I process the document through ABBYY FineScanner?

ABBYY Lingvo Android icon disappears after the reboot

ABBYY Lingvo Android icon disappears after the reboot and the program has to be reinstalled.

Viewing the List of Purchased Dictionaries

Where can I see the list of all purchased dictionaries?

found 12 documents

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