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Requested functionality is not available

The Requested functionality is not available /allowed error message appears.

Saving a document as a PDF without recognizing it

How can I save a document as a PDF file without recognizing it?

Using Custom Export in FlexiCapture projects

In which cases a Custom Export is required? How to setup a Custom Export for documents?

How to reduce the size of exported PDF files?

You may notice that sometimes PDF files exported from ABBYY Recognition Server have bigger size than the original ones. Let's look at how the program works before searching the way to reduce the file size: When an image is imported into ABBYY Recognition Server complex it is converted into ABBYY internal format. The output file is g...

Exporting documents recognized with ABBYY Recognition Server to Microsoft SharePoint

How can set up a workflow to export documents to Microsoft SharePoint? How can I save documents to a Microsoft SharePoint library?

Error message ".\Src\PDFAdjuster.cpp, 638" when saving a PDF file

The following error message appears when an attempt is made to save a recognized PDF File: Internal program error: .\Src\PDFAdjuster.cpp, 638

Exporting fields with multiple lines of text to an Oracle database

An Oracle database requires fields with multiple lines of text, but these fields only contain one line after being exported from ABBYY FlexiCapture 10.

XML schema

How to set up XML scheme?

Customized check-mark values are not exported. What should I do?

I customized exported values for check-marks. But when I look at the exported .xml (.xls, .dbf) files, I see that check-mark values are exported as True/False. What should I do?

Finding Out Which Modules Were Used in an Application

How can I find out which modules are used in my application?

found 22 documents

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