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ABBYY Recognition Server 3.0: First Steps

Where to start once you have received your copy of ABBYY Recognition Sever 3.0?

Exporting documents recognized with ABBYY Recognition Server to Microsoft SharePoint

How can set up a workflow to export documents to Microsoft SharePoint? How can I save documents to a Microsoft SharePoint library?

How can I use barcodes other than the first one for document separation?

The Start a new document from page with barcode option allows separating documents only by the first barcode, but I need to use the second, third, etc. barcodes for document separation or by a barcode that matches a specific template.

Can I use a USB dongle if I run ABBYY Recognition Server on a virtual machine?

Yes, if your virtual machine supports USB dongles.

Error communicating with the ABBYY Product Licensing Service

Error message when trying to activate a license: Error communicating with ABBYY Product Licensing Service on The RPC server is unavailable

Indexing documents with ABBYY Recognition Server

What is document indexing? How can I set up a workflow to index documents? How does an Indexing Station work?

How can I separate documents using the number of pages or a barcode

How can I separate documents using this approach: create a new document after each n pages if a barcode is detected, use it to separate documents

Using an XML description to change document processing parameters without changing the workflow

How can I change the processing parameters for a particular document without changing its workflow in ABBYY Recognition Server? What should I know about creating and using XML descriptions?

Where are my files?

I can't find the files that ABBYY Recognition Server  imported from the input folder. Where are they?

Recognizing documents with ABBYY Recognition Server

What is ABBYY Recognition Server? How documents are processed? What steps should a user take in order to process a document?

found 18 documents

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