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Some images from ADF scanner are lost

All pages pass through scanner but only the first one appears in the document.

"The RPC server is unavailable" error message appears when the program is started

When ABBYY FineReader is started, the following error message appears:  ABBYY licensing service is unavailable. The RPC server is unavailable.

Removing a license in ABBYY FineReader

What is Installation ID?

What is the Installation ID? What information about my computer is used to generate this parameter? Where can I find the Installation ID?

Changing the interface language

How can I change the interface language of ABBYY FineReader Professional or Corporate Edition?

Optimal scanning settings for OCR

Which scanning settings are optimal for OCR tasks?

Error message "A sharing violation occured while accessing %filename%"

The following error message appears while ABBYY FineReader is running: A sharing violation occurred while accessing <file name>.

Moving locally activated licenses of ABBYY FineReader to a server

This article explains how to move locally activated licenses of ABBYY FineReader to a server.

What is Product ID?

What is the Product ID? Does it contain any information about my computer? Where can I find the Product ID?

Can ABBYY FineReader capture hand-written text?

found 26 documents

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