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What is Product ID?

What is the Product ID? Does it contain any information about my computer? Where can I find the Product ID?

Installation of downloaded distribution fails: corrupt installation files

During installation of a downloaded distribution of ABBYY Lingvo x5/x6, the following error message appears: Some installation files are corrupt. Please download a fresh copy and retry the installation. Two other messages can also appear: CRC failed in Data\... Unexpected end of the archive Cannot create Data\... The required volume is absent

Several licenses are assigned to the same workstation

Several per-seat or concurrent licenses are assigned to a workstation when it connects to the License Server.

Error message "You do not have permissions to manage licenses on the license server"

The following error message appears when you start the License Manager: You do not have permission to manage licenses on the license server SERVERNAME

"The RPC server is unavailable" error message when ABBYY FineReader is started on a workstation

When ABBYY FineReader is started on a workstation, the following error message appears: "Error communicating with ABBYY Product Licensing Service on %SERVERNAME%: The RPC server is unavailable." Note. This article only explains how to deal with this problem in a network installation of ABBYY FineReader. If you encounter this problem on a local ins...

Scanned images are defective

Scanned images are incomplete, contain black stripes or white fields, or are split into parts.

The "Internal program data is corrupted. Error code: 519" error message appears when the program is started

When I start the program, the following error message is displayed: Internal program data is corrupted. Please reinstall the program or contact your System Administrator. Error code: 519.

When sending a document to MS Word the "Call was rejected by callee" error message appears

The following error message appears when a document is exported to Microsoft Word:  Call was rejected by callee.

Disabling integration with Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer when installing the program from the command line

If I install ABBYY FineReader on workstations from the command line, can I disable integration with Microsoft Office applications and Windows Explorer?

When ABBYY FineReader is launched from Microsoft Outlook, the FineReader.exe and FineExec.exe processes don't stop after closing the program

I start FineReader from Microsoft Outlook. When I close the program, the FineReader.exe and FineExec.exe processes are still running.

found 52 documents

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