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Moving a program to another computer

How can I move my program to another computer?

ABBYY FineReader does not work properly after Windows update

ABBYY FineReader does not work properly after operating system was updated to Windows 8.1

Acquiring ABBYY Screenshot Reader

How to acquire and activate ABBYY Screenshot Reader bonus application?

ABBYY FineReader requests activation after every restart and user change

ABBYY FineReader requests activation every time Windows is restarted or a different user logs on.

What is the best scanning mode? g. Black/White, Grayscale, Color etc?

What is a license key?

The error message "Internal program error .\Application\CommandLineInfo.cpp, 165" appears when the program is started

When I start ABBYY FineReader 10 Home Edition, the following error message is displayed: Internal program error..\Application\CommandLineInfo.cpp, 165

How do I activate the license?

How do I activate the license?

found 28 documents

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