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Can ABBYY FineReader capture hand-written text?

Scanned images are defective

Scanned images are incomplete, contain black stripes or white fields, or are split into parts.

The "Internal program data is corrupted. Error code: 519" error message appears when the program is started

When I start the program, the following error message is displayed: Internal program data is corrupted. Please reinstall the program or contact your System Administrator. Error code: 519.

How can I activate the program without installing it first?

Can I activate the program without installing it first?

Moving a program to another computer

How can I move my program to another computer?

Acquiring ABBYY Screenshot Reader

How to acquire and activate ABBYY Screenshot Reader bonus application?

What is the best scanning mode? g. Black/White, Grayscale, Color etc?

What is a license key?

found 18 documents

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