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Error message "You do not have permissions to manage licenses on the license server"

The following error message appears when you start the License Manager: You do not have permission to manage licenses on the license server SERVERNAME

Several licenses are assigned to the same workstation

Several per-seat or concurrent licenses are assigned to a workstation when it connects to the License Server.

"The RPC server is unavailable" error message when ABBYY FineReader is started on a workstation

When ABBYY FineReader is started on a workstation, the following error message appears: "Error communicating with ABBYY Product Licensing Service on %SERVERNAME%: The RPC server is unavailable." Note. This article only explains how to deal with this problem in a network installation of ABBYY FineReader. If you encounter this problem on a local ins...

The "Internal program data is corrupted. Error code: 519" error message appears when the program is started

When I start the program, the following error message is displayed: Internal program data is corrupted. Please reinstall the program or contact your System Administrator. Error code: 519.

ABBYY FineReader requests activation on a workstation even though it was installed from the administrative installation point

ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition was installed on a workstation from the administrative installation point, but still requests activation when it is launched.

ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition System Administrator's Guide

Where can I find the ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition System Administrator's Guide?

Moving the License Server of ABBYY FineReader

This article explains how to move the License Server of ABBYY FineReader.

What is a license key?

C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Temp\Fine.SSR12\SSR_{BB2F11 AO-21 FA-4507-AEAC-82ADC9637A7C}\_FRBatch.pac was not found

The following error message appears: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Temp\Fine.SSR12\SSR_{BB2F11 AO-21 FA-4507-AEAC-82ADC9637A7C}\_FRBatch.pac* was not found *some folder names depends on version of ABBYY Screenshot Reader and can be different.

TWAIN drivers that begin with WIA- are not supported in FineReader 14

TWAIN drivers that begin with “WIA-“ are not in the list of available scanners.

found 26 documents

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