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Upgrading ABBYY Lingvo

How do I upgrade ABBYY Lingvo?

Deleting a trial license

Every time ABBYY Lingvo is launched, one of the following error messages appears: N days left before the license expires <list of licenses> or The following licences have expired <list of licenses>.

Several licenses are assigned to the same workstation

Several per-seat or concurrent licenses are assigned to a workstation when it connects to the License Server.

Moving ABBYY Lingvo to another computer

Moving the aplication from one computer to another.

Getting ABBYY Lingvo x3/x5/x6 to work after the Licensing Server has been renamed

This article contains instructions on how to restore the functionality of ABBYY Lingvo x3/x5/x6 on workstations in a network after the Licensing Server has been renamed.

Error message "You do not have permissions to manage licenses on the license server" at the launch of License Manager

The following error message appears when you start the License Manager:You do not have permission to manage licenses on the license server SERVERNAME

ABBYY Lingvo System Administrator's Guide

Where can I find the ABBYY Lingvo System Administrator's Guide?

Error message "Internal program error: .\Src\LingvoProAutentification.cpp, 104. Error code: 0х800900f" when starting the program

The following error message is displayed when the program is started:Internal program error:.\Src\LingvoProAutentification.cpp, 104. Error code: 0х800900f

Recovering the status of Per Seat licenses in ABBYY Lingvo x3/x5/x6

When the licensing server is moved or renamed, the statuses of Per Seat licenses in use on workstations are lost. This article explains how these statuses can be recovered.

ABBYY Lingvo requests activation on a workstation even though it was installed from the administrative installation point

ABBYY Lingvo was installed on a workstation from the administrative installation point, but still requests activation when it is launched.

found 53 documents

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