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When attempting to run the Administration and Monitoring Console, the following error message is displayed: "HTTP Error 500.24 - Internal Server Error"

You have installed the program together with the FlexiCapture authentication module. When you run the Administration and Monitoring Console for the very first time, the following message is displayed: "Server Error in Application"DEFAULT WEB SITE/LOGIN”Error Summary: HTTP Error 500.24 - Internal Server ErrorAn ASP.NET sett...

When setting up import via MAPI an error message pops-up: Unknown COM Error. Error code: 0x8004011d

When setting up a workflow with import via MAPI (via MS Exchange Server) you may encounter the following issue: An error message pops-up when clicking Browse button:"Unknown COM Error. Error code: 0x8004011d." The workflow does not start with an error message in the Server Log:"ABBYY Recognition Server Workflow "<Workflow_Name>...

"ABBYY Recognition Server Workflow "Workflow": Network connection error. 10038" error messages appear in the server's log

A workflow is set up to import from an e-mail server using the POP3 protocol, and the server's logs contain the following entry:ABBYY Recognition Server Workflow "Workflow": Network connection error. 10038

Error connecting to Server message on the Verification Station when taking a task

When taking a task  from the queue on the Verification Station you may encounter an error message: «Error connecting to http://<server_name>». This error message may also take place in the Batch view if you try opening a batch. How to resolve the issue? 

found 4 documents

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