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ABBYY Lingvo for Mac requests activation every time it is started

ABBYY Lingvo for Mac requests the serial number every time it is started.

Updating ABBYY Lingvo for Mac

Can I update my ABBYY Lingvo for Mac to version 1.9, which is available from the App Store, if I didn't purchase my version from the App Store? Why won't the program update itself automatically?

"The activation server is unavailable" error appears at the attempt to activate the program

The following error message appears during activation:"Activation failed Failed to access the activation server. Please check your Internet connection and try again or contact the technical support service ("

Activation of ABBYY Lingvo for Mac and the Product ID

The activation page of ABBYY's website asks for a Product ID. Where is the Product ID of ABBYY Lingvo for Mac indicated?

found 4 documents

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