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Why an Image Import profile does not work?

I have set up an image import profile for a Hot Folder, but no images are being imported.

When setting up import via MAPI an error message pops-up: Unknown COM Error. Error code: 0x8004011d

When setting up a workflow with import via MAPI (via MS Exchange Server) you may encounter the following issue: An error message pops-up when clicking Browse button:"Unknown COM Error. Error code: 0x8004011d." The workflow does not start with an error message in the Server Log:"ABBYY Recognition Server Workflow "<Workflow_Name>...

Internal program error. .\Src\SpecialFontFactory. срр, 142. Internal program error. .\Src\DefaultFontMetrics. срр, 55.

When you are trying to create a PDF file following error messages appear:Internal program error. .\Src\SpecialFontFactory. срр, 142.Internal program error. .\Src\DefaultFontMetrics. срр, 55.

Can’t set up image import from e-mail server via POP3

All help recommendations for setting up image import from e-mail server via POP3 are implemented, but import doesn’t work or works incorrectly. For example, error message «Network request to the remote server timed out» appears, or the same e-mail is processed repeatedly.

How to process images that are too bright

When I process documents that are too bright, some of the data is lost. Is there a way to avoid this?

An error occurs when opening an imported FlexiCapture Document Definition file (*.fcdot)

Why do I see an error message when I try to open an imported FlexiCapture Document Definition file (*.fcdot)?

found 6 documents

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