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Using Custom Export in FlexiCapture projects

In which cases a Custom Export is required? How to setup a Custom Export for documents?

XML schema

How to set up XML scheme?

Content Separation

I need to process a page that contains 3 tables. Is there a way to export each table into a separate CSV file?

PDF Metadata

How do I edit metadata (author, subject, title, keywords, producer, or creator of the document) in a PDF file?

Exporting checkboxes as numeric values

Users of ABBYY FlexiCapture often have to process documents that contain groups of checkmarks, such as "Please evaluate the quality of our service: Bad/unsatisfactory/satisfactory/above satisfactory/outstanding". The respondent's answer has to be exported to a database as a numeric value (such as from 1 to 5). Is there a way to set up such an expor...

found 5 documents

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