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Content Separation

I need to process a page that contains 3 tables. Is there a way to export each table into a separate CSV file?

DOCX Compatibility Mode

When I recognize files and export them them to DOCX, they are opened in Microsft Word 2010 with the compatibility mode enabled. Why does this happen?

Page recognition independence

Can recognition results from page influence the results from other pages?

PDF Metadata

How do I edit metadata (author, subject, title, keywords, producer, or creator of the document) in a PDF file?

PDF text layer

I want my export results to contain a PDF text layer, so I set the SourceContentReuseMode property of ObjectsExtractionParams object to CRM_ContentOnly. Why do I get characters that were not present in the text layer of the source PDF document?

PDF versions

Which PDF versions can recognized text be exported to?

PDF Bookmarks

How to work with PDF bookmarks via FREngine?

SetPageSizeByOriginalImageSize Flag Doesn't Work

I export something to PDF with SetPageSizeByOriginalImageSize = True, but the size of the resulting file is different from the size of the source image. Why does it happen?

Exporting checkboxes as numeric values

Users of ABBYY FlexiCapture often have to process documents that contain groups of checkmarks, such as "Please evaluate the quality of our service: Bad/unsatisfactory/satisfactory/above satisfactory/outstanding". The respondent's answer has to be exported to a database as a numeric value (such as from 1 to 5). Is there a way to set up such an expor...

How to get correct words order for right-to-left languages in MS Word document?

I process document in right-to-left language. While exporting to MS Word I've received incorrect words order. Why?

found 22 documents

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