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Photo tips

Tips on taking photos that are suitable for recognition.


Is it possible to use the regular expressions?

Recognition of business cards with portrait orientation

Can ABBYY Business Card Reader or ABBYY CardHolder capture contact data from business cards with a portrait orientation?

Saving a backup copy of the Cardholder

With use of backup you can save cards from your Cardholder to PC and then restore them on your iPhone. It could be useful, when you change iPhone model, your iPhone was lost or broken. Backup file is stored in .vcf file extension (it is the common file extension to srore contacts data). It is supported by many applications, including Microsoft Outl...

No contact data found

The following error message appears during recognition of a business card: No contact data found.

I purchased mobile application. Where can I find the serial number?

I purchased mobile application from AppStore (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Where can I find the serial number?

What is Application ID?

What is it? Which string should I pass as an applicationID? 

Which applications are synchronized with the web version of ABBYY BCR

How can I transfer cards saved in free version of ABBYY BCR to the full version of the application?

I have used ABBYY BCR Free and then have purchased full version of the application (ABBYY BCR Plur for iOS or ABBYY BCR Pro for Android). How can I transfer cards from free version to the full version?

found 9 documents

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